Overview: The War Story Challenge is a $25,000 contest hosted by Remember WWII, an organization under application  for 501(c)(3) non-profit status based in Collierville, Tennessee, United States of America (“RWWII”).  No purchase or donation is necessary to enter the challenge.  Instead, each video interview of a WWII veteran (based on the guidelines and rules listed below) that is submitted to RWWII will count as one entry into the drawing.  One random submission will be selected by Remember WWII.  The winner will receive a prize of $25,000 paid by check. 

1. Must be 16 years or older - Under 18 must have parent/guardian signature

2. QUALITY CONTROL MEASURES: Your interview will be subject to quality control standards and your submission will only be qualified to enter into the drawing if it meets the following criteria:

  • The video must be recorded in 1080p HD
  • Veteran must be properly lit using natural lighting or other light source
  • The Interview Must Have Clear, Distraction-Free Audio
  • Stabilized Camera Shot (Using a Tripod in Most Cases)
  • Use of the Remember WWII Interview Guide for Questioning

In order to be included in the $25,000 drawing, all required legal documents must be signed by the respective parties and submitted along with the video files. After a 14-day review period, you will be notified via email whether or not your submission was accepted and your name entered into the drawing.

3. Every video interview that is submitted to Remember WWII (and is accepted by us, in our sole discretion, based on the quality control standards listed above) is equal to ONE entry to the challenge. There is NO LIMIT on how many interviews that you can submit to the challenge. The more interviews with WWII veterans you do...the higher the chance you have of winning the prize.  The cash prize will be dispersed by check to the chosen winner within four weeks following the announcement of the winner. The prize is paid out in U.S. Dollars. The winner is responsible for any taxes associated with the prize, and if the winner is outside the U.S., the winnings will reflect the daily exchange rates when the check is issued. A copy of a government issued I.D. must be presented by the winner in order for the funds to be dispersed.

4. Any interview that is submitted for The War Story Challenge must be with an actual living WWII veteran of the Armed Forces of their respective country. The service of the WWII veteran being interviewed must have covered at least one of the following years. The years are 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945. As long as the veteran was in uniform during one or more of those years, they are eligible for the The War Story Challenge regardless if they served in one of the two theaters:  Pacific or Europe

5. While The War Story Challenge is open to accepting submissions from all countries either Axis or Allied. However, the $25,000 will only be awarded to a random interviewer of the Allied Countries.  RWWII reserves the right and will not in good conscious award the prize in connection with any veteran who may have been involved in war crimes.  RWWII also reserves the right to select a different winner of the prize money in its sole and absolute discretion, for any reason.  

6. Any interview of a WWII veteran that is submitted must be a minimum of 30 minutes in length with no maximum timeframe. The interviewer should judge the veterans and how they feel. The more of the story you can capture, the better. We encourage you to take breaks for food and bathroom, if needed. This is simply to be a recorded conversation.

7. The Remember WWII Interview Guide must be used to conduct your interview. It was created by a team of WWII historians and oral history experts. Even if you know nothing about World War II, by asking the questions we’ve provided you will still be able to conduct an awesome interview. You are free to ask any questions you feel necessary (especially follow-up questions to things the veteran has mentioned) but please keep the questions focused on their early lives and their World War II experiences. 

8. The interviews do not have to be in English. If you are interviewing a veteran in a non-English speaking country please either use a translator or conduct the interview in the native tongue of the veterans.  If the veteran can speak proficient English then please conduct the interview in English.  

9. These interviews are the living testimonies of the WWII veteran generation and are how future generations will forever see and hear the participants of WWII (the largest war in the history of humanity). We encourage you to use the HIGHEST QUALITY equipment you have access to in conducting the interview. We will not fault you for conducting an interview with your smart phone if that is all you have available.  You can use professional video cameras and sound equipment, DSLR camera, or even your phone. We have a list of items that you can buy at an affordable price which may be beneficial to you.

10. Regardless of the recording device used, the video must be a minimum of 1080p which is standard on most current phone models. All interviews must be conducted using a tripod or a device that prevents the video camera from shaking and moving. You must ensure that no one enters the frame in the background unless they are showing the veteran a picture or otherwise are involved with the interview. The audio quality must be clearly audible with no overpowering background noises that makes it difficult to understand the veteran like a TV in the background. SEE OUR VIDEO GUIDE ON HOW TO FILM AN INTERVIEW.

11. The interviews must be submitted on rememberww2.org via the forms and the Dropbox link (you may have to let the upload of the footage occur overnight as upload speeds are based on your internet connection). 

You can mail an external thumb drive of the interview to us as well.  Please make sure you keep a copy of the interview. Our mailing address is P.O. Box #245 Collierville, TN 38027.  Any thumb drives that are provided will not be returned.

12. You must send us all the unedited footage and you must have the Release Form signed by all parties.

13. Remember WWII reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to award the prize money to a different interview if the chosen winner does not meet any of the above-listed terms and conditions.  RWWII may also elect, in its sole discretion, to cancel the competition and not select any winner if fewer than 250 qualifying video interviews are submitted. In this event, all contracts are void and ownership of the interview will remain with the interviewer.  RWWII may also disqualify any winner if the winner’s submission was offensive or in violation of any law or this agreement, in the sole discretion of RWWII.